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Downtown Tacoma and Mt Rainier

Often times we as home owners are put in the position to purchase a home in large part due to convenience. Career opportunities, familial responsibility or sometimes just looking for a change of pace can lead us to uproot our lives and choose to relocate.

The most daunting thing about relocation is having to gain ground and comfortability with the community that surrounds your new home. New school district, new neighbors and a completely unfamiliar community culture. Questions like where’s the best place to grab happy hour? Where do you buy your produce? And what are the neatest local attractions?  can feel like such small day to day decisions and tasks but in a new city they become monumental and can be stress inducing.

Let’s face it, no one wants the additional stress of moving. Furthermore relocating to Tacoma can sound like a risk to some who are unfamiliar with the area. They may scrunch up their nose and comment about the celebrity smell in Tacoma Aroma. You may even hear about how we are “gritty” though I’m going to go ahead and say it, we have a little grit to us, but a polished stone is still just a rock while Tacoma exudes true character.

Tacoma is teeming with diverse business districts that each play a distinct part of a whole.

First let’s begin with the heart of Tacoma, Downtown.  This area is rich with eye candy playing home to epic Tacoma landmarks like the Tacoma Dome (where you can catch a plethora of national acts), Union Station (an elegant space for banquets and weddings), Elks Temple (soon to be resurrected into a McMenamin’s Lodge) and the Museum of Glass (featuring not only amazing art within its walls but outdoor installations and the Chihuly Bridge of Glass, also you can enjoy free admission once a month during Tacoma’s Third Thursday Art Walk. This event in particular includes special artists receptions at galleries throughout the city and even includes an ART BUS tour that takes riders to a handful of featured galleries in the city, some you wouldn’t even have anticipated to have such exquisite exhibits) and Wright Park.

 Aside from the abundance of historical and compelling architecture Downtown envelops several smaller districts that boasts prime walkability with phenomenal eateries, awe inspiring galleries and a slew of locally owned services and merchants within arm’s reach of each other. For instance Pacific Avenue  is teeming with spectacular dining options. The theatre district on Broadway plays home to both the Rialto and Pantages as well as a selection of charming shops along Antique Row. While the Stadium District is best known for yet another historic landmark in the majestic Stadium High School and high end retail spaces, spas and eateries.

The 6th Ave District is another prime example of Tacoma at its best. This district is among the most walkable in the city and includes some of the very best in dining and shopping alike. Each summer the street is closed off to host the second largest art festival in the city with Art on the Ave and introduces attendees to a gaggle of art and craft vendors and both local and national music acts.  

Point Defiance and Ruston define Tacoma’s waterfront attractions. From kayak rentals, parasail rides, ferry excursions, scenic drives and lovely strolls you can soak up what really makes the Pacific Northwest such a gem. Point Defiance is an amazing attraction for singles and families alike with abundant walking trails, park space, forested hiking paths and the Point Defiance Zoo. While Ruston is a great spot to grab a bite and a cocktail, take a stroll or bring the family for a picnic. You’ll also find a bit of historical knowledge to be discovered at the Chinese Reconciliation Park located on the far end of Ruston Way.

Residing in North Tacoma just a skip away from Ruston lies Old Town and the Proctor District. This area is rich with delectable dining options and charming retail spaces. It’s among the smaller of the business districts to explore but exudes a charismatic appeal. Proctor District also closes down the intersection of North 26th and Proctor to host their annual Proctor Arts Fest, a celebration of local creative culture.

The above highlights only a few of Tacoma’s attractive qualities that can be of use to those relocating to the area. It is my mission to help make your transition into a your new home as easy and comfortable as possible. I will always strive to endow you, as a newfound Tacoman, with the tools and resources you need to call Tacoma home.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or bring your inquiries to me.

Brandy Brazeau       

Windermere Professional Partners 253 222-3594                                                                                                                                                                   

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